My biggest Sacred Mural/Street Art in London :) 

Here is my biggest mural I completed in November 2015 and it’s the largest piece so far in my life as a Love Artist! It was a commission from a beautiful Yoga and Music Studio called Ascension Studios in East London. I found it very challenging because of the height of the building but was so glad that I pushed myself to go that extra mile and do it right 🙂 it took me altogether 5 days to finish this creation. I was so happy to finish it 🙂

Here are the progression shots from what it looked like before and while I was creating it 🙂


One of my latest murals in Ubud, Bali…

When I was in Bali about a month ago now I was commissioned to paint this big mural in a beautiful yoga school/yummy raw vegan restaurant called the Seeds of Life! Was such fun doing it and even better seeing the finished creation! Spreading lots of healing colours into the yoga studio as it was all white before and colour makes such a big difference!!! It’s Sacred Geometry – the pattern of the Flower Of Life with the seeds of life aligned in the middle as symbols of the chakras.. Two pink lotus flowers at the bottom and top as well as the DNA Kundalini golden strands wrapping around each seed. And the logo of the yoga school in the middle heart chakra 🙂 love it 🙂 ❤

Welcome to The Power Of Love Art


We all have a big, beautiful and msyterious power within each of us. We just have to realise, accept and learn how to use and direct it!

The Power of Love Art is designed to help you!! By bring you on to a higher frequency of Love, You can harness the most amazing and incredible positive forces through Art. Join in with Art Evolution now…

I have created and designed life changing art that puts you in a better mood, on a higher vibration, gives you a positive emotion, a different thought process and a higher level of consciousness/awareness. Mostly everyone on Earth has something on their walls at home and it’s very important that it is an image that you enjoy and love. Why? Because our minds and our subconscious work in images and symbols its essential that you have positive images and empowering symbols in your life to look at.

I think that Art should be more than just looked at, it should be used for a specific reason. People are using my Art to create better situations, emotions and thoughts in their lives, just by simply having it on their wall at home and following the instruction I have designed with it. My intention and the main purpose of the Power of Love Art is to help people and help the world raise its energy vibration.

My Art work is filled with healing colours (our chakra colours), empowering symbols and sacred geometry.  I use these components in my Art as it gives off such a positive vibration just by looking at it.

Pure Love to you All ❤